Carol Stewart, CPDT-KA  ACDBC


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      Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals    

Carol Stewart, CPDT-KA ACDBC

 Carol Stewart, CPDT-KA  ACDBC

Nothing in life is free!

                           WHY should you choose a Dog Training Instructor who belongs to professional organizations and who has proven him/herself by testing with national organizations?   

Did you know:  Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. 

However, not everyone has, not only passed the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), and received recognition as Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant by International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants,but also studies and earns 36 CEU's (continuing education credits) in the field every three years.

What this means for you is, simply, you are working with a trainer who dedicates herself to the latest scientific techniques and advances in animal behavior, who is in contact with others who are involved with the correct methods to modify behavior problems and is recognized by her peers as a professional with the skills necessary to guide you. 

 Please call to discuss your dog's issues with me so we can, together, find a solution to the problem(s)

without harming you & your dog’s relationship


Carol Stewart, CPDT-KA   ACDBC




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