My goal: to guide the owner to establish appropriate behaviors. I have been training, professionally, since 2000 and started building my skills, while training my own dogs and mentoring with two established trainers, in 1998.

To continue my education and further my skills:

I mentor other trainers (via American Behavior College) as they build their skills,
I attend seminars to update my training skills and learn new techniques and
I belong to three international organizations:  APDT, IAABC and CCPDT. 

By interacting online or in person with my peers I am able to increase my knowledge and interpretation of behavior problems, increase my ability to diagnose dog body language and increase my knowledge of the impact of human interaction with dogs.

I have been a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) since 2000 and one of the first Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) in the Pittsburgh area. 

I am a founding member the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) [Certified as a Behavior Consultant by that organization],

I am an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (AKC CGC),

I consult for a local shelter and a consultant for the Papillon Club of America Rescue (PCAR).

I have been serving the Greensburg and surrounding area for over 15 years, providing group classes and in-home private consults.  I live with my pet dogs:
  • Cosette, who taught me that I did, indeed, know what I was doing.
  • Desi, who guided me down the path of changing a rescue's life forever.

Currently, I am enjoying working with my youngest dog, Desi, in Rally-o/Advanced confidence classes . I believe that, with work, guidance and patience, almost every dog can be trained and many behavior problems can be resolved.

Carol Stewart, CPDT

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my dogs as much as I do:

JollyMon:  Jolly is the guy who started all of this.  He was such a  bad puppy, 'fixing' him taught me the foundation of everything I now know.  My thanks to Bruce and Kim Ringer of Ringer's Dog Training for changing my life forever.  Until the day he left us, he was a happy, well mannered dog who has never felt a leash correction. Jolly was trained to competition obedience level. 
JollyMon, who taught me how to train, started the idea.  Jolly is now waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge. 

     JollyMon my Standard Dachsie and clown !!

 Sunbelt's Les Miz Cosette:  My first pure-breed came to me after a year's research into breeds and then breeders.  She is a 'perfect' Papillon (with a slight mis-mark).  While training Jolly, I learned the principles of training, ethology, and learning theory; with Cosette I learned how to further apply them.  I perfected my skills and became more obsessed with becoming the best trainer I could be.  Also, I learned HOW to look for a purebred dog.  Cosette is trained to competition obedience level.

      Sunbelt's Les Miz Cosette is my tri-color papillon.  She is a delight and daddy's girl!! 


Desi        (Before)          

Desi was part of a 70 dog rescue by PCART.  My plan was to foster him and Julie, house-train and place them with loving homes.  Desi, a 1 yr old male, was a biter and had never been outside of the basement he was born in.    Desi came to me at an important part of my career.  I was studying behavioral modification and was ready to put what I learned into practice.  My goal was to guide him to adoptability and not get bit!  I succeeded with the 'not getting bit' part.  His story, while initially sad,has a wonderful, happy ending.  Today he is a happy member of my family [and how sad can it be to be a dog at MY house]!!  Desi is trained to Rally-o competition level.

                  Desi (now) taught me humility and patience.  Way to go Des!!!

The most important part of Desi's training was not how much he could do nor how quickly, but how he could overcome his lack of socialization, his fears and inability to accept new things and recover from those things that startle or scared him.   Today he is 100% better than when we started --- he is however, in my opinion, a work in progress. 

WHY?  Because every week, he does some new brave thing (e.g. letting someone new pet him) and learns something new (e.g. how to play with a new toy) and shows me how much faith dogs can have and how they can recover from horrendous beginnings.  

Desi's training allowed me to use the principles of behavioral modification to guide him slowly over the missed opportunities in his development.  No wonder I fell in love with him.

Desi Update/2010:  Desi is such a great family dog.  He now allows anyone to approach and pet him.  I can walk him off leash at the cabin and call him back no matter what.  He attends Little League baseball games with me and loves to ride in the car.  He is, 'just a dog' now -- not a rescue, but 'just a dog' and often ask me why I didn't bring the rescue with me and are surprised when I tell them I did!  He was, a very scared dog who was not willing to be handled and willing to use his teeth to control his environment.  AND he continues to grow...

2011:  Well, over the past six months, Desi has decided that playing fetch, playing with toys, and going for walks is the way to go!  When the timer goes off for Jolly's medicine, he runs up to get Daddy to tell him it is time for Jolly's shot.  And he continues to 'grow'!

2012:  Desi is now easily attending Cody's ball games and greeting the other parents.  He 'plays' with Rocky the puppy who walks by our house daily.   Jolly is gone and he has taken over the role of 'man of the house'.  He has discovered the joy of chipmunks, he loves visitors and is now my AKC CGC distraction dog!  

2013:  Desi is attending a fun Confidence class where he experiences new stimuli every week. He has found his buddy, Dougie at this class and made a few new ones.  We decided to go back to school because winter is so long and this gave us the opportunity to continue our exposure to other dogs and people and hopefully to keep a few pounds off his handler.




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